Borax Powder

Borax Powder​

Exclusive Features

  • The representation of the can, per se, is disclaimed .
  • For Soap and Borax Powder Preparation for Use as a Cleanser


  • Insoluble matter Max 0.005%
  • pH (0.01 M solution25°C); 9.15 – 9.20
  • pH (4% solution in water) 9.0 – 9.6
  • Chloride (Cl) Max 0.0007%


  • Packaging Size: 25 Kg at Rs 49/kg in
    Packaging Size: 25 Kgs,10 Kgs at Rs 36/kg


  • For the treatment of fungal foot diseases, borax is widely used in anti-fungal foot soaks.
  • Borax is also a component of several commercially available vitamin supplements.
  • Thrush, a very common bacterial infection that occurs on the hoofs of horses, can be treated with the help of borax.

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