Caustic Soda Flakes (NaOH)

Caustic Soda Flakes (NaOH)​

At Shivam Chemical, we bring premium quality products manufactured by state-of-the-art technologies. Caustic Soda Flakes is manufactured from Caustic Soda Lye produced by Membrane Cell Technology of UHDE, Germany.

Exclusive Features

  • Colourless, non-flammable liquid with moderately strong ethereal, non-irritant odor.Boiling Point: 76.rc
  • Miscible with a large number of common organic liquids. Slight solubility with water


  • Color – APHA – 10.00max
  • Sp. Gravity(15°01°C) – 1.600/ 1.608
  • Purity – % -99.90min
  • Methyl Chloride – ppm – 10.00max
  • Chloroform – ppm – 100.00max
  • Trichloroethylene – ppm – 100.00max
  • Moisture – ppm – 50.00max
  • Free Chlorine – ppm – 1.00max
  • Acidity – ppm – 1.00max


  • Shivam Chemical guarantees a minimum 99.9% pure Carbon Tetrachloride of international quality which is stable up to llOOC with common construction metals in the presence of light and water.
  • QCD is equipped with most modem instruments to analyze special tests on request.


  • Zinc coated non returnable Gl Barrels each of 250 kg net weight for Export
  • 300 kg net weight for domestic market in HM-HDPE Barrels
  • 60 kg net weight for domestic market in HM-HDPE drums

Production Capacity

  • 40 Metric Tonnes/day


  • Fluorocarbon refrigerants and propellants
  • Grain fumigants and flour bleaching
  • Solvent in chlorinated rubber manufacturing and petroleum refining industry
  • Grease removing agent for machinery and tool
  • Dry-cleaning fluid
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Flotation fluid, synthesis of nylon-7
  • Pharmaceutical preparations

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