Compressed Hydrogen Gas

Compressed Hydrogen Gas​

At GACL, we bring premium quality products manufactured by state-of-the-art technologies. Hydrogen Gas is manufactured by UHDE, a German Technology, of Membrane Electrolyser. It is compressed to 150-kglcm2 pressure to fill in cylinders or cylinder banks

Exclusive Features

  • High purity Hydrogen due to Membrane Electrolyser Technology
  • Colourless & Odourless gas
  • Mercury-free


  • Purity (as H,) – % – 99.50min


  • GACL guarantees a minimum 99.5% purity of H2 as it is produced by Electrolysis.
  • QCD is equipped with most modem instruments to analyze special tests on request.


Bleachwin Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Cylinder (5,6 & 7 NM1
  • H2 Cylinder Banks/ Skids

Production Capacity

  • 30000 NM3/day at Dahej Complex at 150kglcm2/ 200kglcm2 pressure
  • I 000 NM3/day at Vadodara Complex at 150kglcm2 pressure


  • Organic Hydrogenation
  • Asafue
  • Catalytic Reduction
  • Hydrochloric Acid Manufacture
  • As a Reducing agent
  • Ammonia Synthesis
  • Hydrogen-fuel cells manufacture used in eco-friendly automobiles {abroad)

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