Soda Ash

soda ash

Exclusive Features

  • Soda ash is an inorganic chemical compound.
  • Its chemical formula is Na 2 CO 3. It’s an odorless, white, and water-soluble salt that yields a moderately alkaline solution when it comes in contact with water.
  • Soda ash was once extracted from the ash of plants that grow in sodium-rich soils.


  • Na₂CO₃ % 99.5 min
  • Pb / Lead ppm 1 max
  • Hg / Mercury ppm 1 max
  • Solubility g/100 ml water 45.5 (100°C) 49.5 (35.37 °C) 7 (0 °C)
  • pH 1 % solution 11.4



Production Capacity

  • 2MT/day


  • It can help in removing stains, alcohol, and grease on clothes – also in coffee pots and espresso makers.
  • It can increase the alkaline level in swimming pools which can help in maintaining the PH Levels to balance the water.
  • It can also be used for dying clothes.
  • It can effectively clean the air.
  • It can soften water.
  • It can be used as fertilizer.

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