Stable Bleaching Powder (SBP)

Stable Bleaching Powder

Stable Bleaching Powder (SBP) is manufactured by Chlorination of high-grade Hydrated Lime (SlakedLime) using Liquid chlorine. It decomposes in contact with water, releasing chlorine at the point of application. this makes it a strong oxidizing, bleaching, and disinfecting agent

Exclusive Features

  • Mercury-free
  • Strong Oxidizing and Bleaching Agent


  • Available Chlorine (as Cl,) 34.0 9b min 32.0 9b min
  • Moisture 0.3 % max. 0.5 9b max.
  • Stability 1/ISmax. 1 1/llmax.


  • GACL guarantees a minimum of 34.0% of available Cl2.
  • Fairly stable in alkaline medium at room temperature.


  • 25 Kg. LOPE-lined HOPE bags

Production Capacity

  • 45 Tonnes/dayat Oahej


  • Bleaching agent in Paper, Textile industry, Hand Looms, Power looms & Soaps industry
  • Household Bleaching/cleaning applications
  • Waste Water Treatment and Sewage disposal
  • Oxidizing agent
  • Oisinfectingagent
  • Food Processing, beverage, and sugar industry

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